Norton Discount Codes Make Users Safer Against New Viruses

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Viruses are part of today’s obstacles that a person who works with or otherwise uses technology, has to tackle. With the rising number of security threats including viruses, malware, scammers, spammers, and phishing, software corporations are looking for new solutions to help keep computer systems even safer. With so many threats, it has become imperative that people from all walks of life need to own and use established antiviruses to protect their computers from these many types of threats.

Norton Coupons Make Internet Security More Affordable And Effective

Symantec has been in the antivirus software industry since the dawn of the internet. It’s one of the largest security software manufacturers with vast experience and applications from simple users to servers and corporated endpoint protection. Their goal is to get every computer and internet connecting device on the planet protected and virus free. This is the reason they give out norton promo codes and ongoing discount deals. These discount coupons can be applied to norton’s products: Small Business Protection, Norton Security Deluxe, Norton Security Premium, Norton Antivirus Basic, Wifi Protection and many more. A 15% discount is an average saving. Althgough norton security deluxe coupon can give you up to 30% discount. This way, the average users can get their devices protected from online threats without spending a fortune.

We rely on computers more

As you surely have noticed in your regular, day to day life, computers are an integral part of almost everything you do. Computers have become firmly ensconced in business and enterprise as well, and government and municipal entities rely very heavily on computers as well. That being said, antivirus technology and innovation is being driven by these corporate and government needs. The strong level of protection that governments and large corporations need ends up leading to better protection for regular computer users. More and more threats are constantly coming out, and the most dangerous like trojans and rootkits are being further protected against, thanks to the use of computers in these other capacities.

Social networking prevents new risks

Facebook, Twitter, and many other social networking platforms have become the major hunting grounds for cybercriminals, and these popular sites have also turned into breeding grounds where malware infections can spread terribly quickly. With millions upon millions of users on these top networks, it is barely surprising that criminals have become attracted to these sites.

All users are at risk now on social networks. Of course, some users with higher value accounts are greater targets, but criminals and infections go after everyone. Through these networks, many end up infected with malware, and others are victims of hacking, phishing scams, and other attempts by criminals to make money from users and their families and friends. Often users share malware with each other completely without knowing.

Antivirus programs are responding to this. Many internet security software like BitDefender, Avast, Kaspersky, Norton Antivirus, and Microsoft Security Essentials have developed ways and methods to specifically protect on these networks. Additionally, Facebook now offers antivirus solutions directly through their sites; they are the trend setter in making social networking safer for users.

Viruses infiltrate networks

In the modern era, all corporate businesses are connected through real time processing in networks; many homes are even utilizing such networking solutions. This has made it imperative that such network connections utilize an effective network firewall to establish their own basic defense against viruses and other malware that target networks alone. More and more of these particular types of threats are being released all the time.

The criminals utilizing these infections generally work to attack banks and large e-commercial enterprises initially while other targets may include schools, universities, and certain small scale bushiness. Norton Antivirus has stepped out as the leading figure for protecting against network viruses, and even the United States Government has begun to use Norton Antivirus technology to protect Department of Defense contractors.

Even being a hotel guest has become a risk factor

People who are staying in hotels also are the major victims or targets for network based viruses. Since such people use their credit or debit cards for payments, the cyber criminals who create malware will try to access the hotel’s main servers to steal the guest’s credit card information. Some hotel servers lack the necessary security parameters compared to other corporate organizations, making it easy for these criminals to gain access and manipulate the data they find.

While there is nothing much that hotel guests can do to fight against this, hotels are starting to utilize the same corporate-grade protections. One thing hotel guests can do is not use hotel WiFi, paid or free, to make purchases, upgrade software, or do anything else that reveals personal data on these networks. Hotel guest networks are also top targets for criminals.

Hostgator Promo Codes, Tech Support and Customer Service

When you chose a company for reliable web hosting and computer based programs, you want to choose a company that you can rely on. It should be well respected and have top notch support and customer service. To meet that criteria, look no further than Hostgator.

Support Guides

Know exactly where to go for help with the Hostgator support guides. By referring to your products support guide, you will know exactly what types of service are offered and where to go to get that service.

Knowledge Base

Hostgator has an extensive knowledge base available on their website. This area offers an almost endless amount of articles that can answer any question you can think of. Organized by category or fully search-able, you can quickly find an article to help you with any question you have.

Free Forum

There is also a great forum available for everyone to get useful information, ask tips and discuss related issues. You do have to register for it and then you have unlimited access to the customer driven forum. You can post questions you have, answer questions that others have posted, or search the forums for information. You can also browse through the forums to engage in discussions about products and get more familiar with things that can help you take your business to the next level.

Phone Support

For issues that must be dealt with right away, there is phone support available. Depending on what your service plan is, you can either call right in to the support line or if you chose to not get a service plan, than you can purchase a one time phone support ticket. Either way, you can be confident knowing that you can always reach someone quickly should you need phone support.

Non-Technical Support

Do you have a question that isn’t related to how a product operates, in other words, a non-technical question? Than use the Non-Technical support area. These customer service agents will keep you from having to wade through the ticket system or technical support area. They can help you with issues including product activation, product keys, registration, licensing, and online sales.

Premium Support Options

There are support plans that can fit anyone’s needs and budget. Depending on what product you need support for, premium support plans can provide you with anything from only once and while support, to the highest plans which offer unlimited twenty four hour a day, seven days a week support. The flexible levels of support plans help you get what you need while staying inside your budget.

Hostgator Discount Coupons

Any business person should always be on the lookout for great deals. One way to get great deals on Hostgator is through promo codes. It is very easy to find them. For example, most technical sites have whole sections devoted to Hostgator hosting plans and coupons. On these sections you will often find deals and offers. See, for example, some Hostgator 2018 dedicated server coupons here.

With great support and knowledge resources, Hostgator, offers a great option for all of your businesses technical needs.