5 Types of Images You Should Post On Your Business Blog And Why

Perhaps you are a brick and mortar business that has just secured an online presence to reach more potential customers or just an online entrepreneur with some websites and blogs in your marketing arsenal. The truth is if you have a business with an active online presence, chances are you already have a blog or perhaps planning to create one through which you can announce major business events, introduce products and announce changes to products and services. This will also allow you bring customers other news and tips you thing they are suppose to know about your business, its services and products and what these can help them accomplish in their own lives and endeavors. Browsing around on the internet, I can see that this strategy has almost become a norm. But surprisingly, most businesses still do it wrong.

Yes, it seems most of them don’t have a good grasp of what the right image that is rightly used can help them achieve in their business blogs. Often, these blogs use adsense banners and stock images instead of an image that can put their business in the limelight. To help address this misconception, I have decided to make a post explaining the 5 major types of images that should be used on businesses blogs and what they can help us achieve.

  1. Introduce Yourself And Your Team

The internet is a home to people from all areas of life, with different believes, cultures and most especially different intentions. There are a lot of businesses out there trying to get a hold on people’s credit cards with little attention paid to customer service and satisfaction. Many people have regrets for several shopping decisions and this is why there are reviews everywhere online trying to educate others on the possible treatments and product or service quality to expect while using a particular merchant or the other. Where is this pushing online shoppers? The answer is “people now tend to shop from businesses and merchants they think they know better”. So how can you introduce yourself, your business and your team to potential customers at that one-stop and still get them to make a purchase? One way of doing this is to start using your images on your business blog.

  • show existing and intending customers who you are by posting your images
  • post your team pictures, this shows them the people behind the products they are buying and the services they may decide to order
  • post images of your business building, this reassures them that you have a physical structure and a physical address you can always be found.


  1. Show Your Products, Don’t Just Mention Them

When you make posts about your products what image do you use on your blog? If your answer is stock images or adsense banner ads then you are doing it wrong. If I am reading a post about a product you plan to launch sometime in the future, a newly launched product or a set of products new to your stock, I’d love to see some images. You see, the human mind tend to create a mental image of what they read, especially when they read descriptive posts. So don’t let your potential customers create the wrong mental image of your product when you can just add an image or two to warm their mind throughout the text. Don’t just mention the name of your products; show them what they look like. And if you don’t have physical products or perhaps your business offers services instead, then show them the equipments used in rendering such services or what the final result would look like.

  1. Show Best Features

Most often, businesses do a thorough product review on their blog, especially if the product is new in their catalogue. In several places I have seen such a review; it is either a run-on text or just contains an image of the product at the top and nothing else. Does this blog sound like yours? If yes, you need a change of approach, and here’s what you need to start doing.

Whenever you do a product review on your blog, show readers the various features of the product you’d love them to know about. I am talking about those features that will sell the product. For instance, if it is software product that can easily be installed, contains options that competing products don’t have or have any other feature you think distinguishes it, show screenshots of these features and options.

  1. Make A Call To Action

When you want your blog readers to subscribe to your list or feed, follow you on twitter, share your post, go to a product page, leave a feedback on any of your products or services or take any other action, how do you go about this on your blog? Most people would just use text. Yes, that’s, of course, the normal way of doing it. But people have become too used to this and may never bother to take the action you want them to. So you need a new way to make them notice the call to action. You need to use images. Some images like arrows pointing towards a link to click or a form to fill would be great. You can also use your personal image taking that exact action or an image of a popular celebrity.

  1. Show “The Behind The Scene” Of Your Business

Many business owners have now come to realize why it is necessary they bring some personal touch to their business. There is no better way to do this than to start using images related to the operation of your business on your blog – showing potential and existing customers the “behind the scene” of your business. For instance, images showing your offices, finished products and equipments or materials used for production would be good fit for this.

Running a business blog is one way of attracting more eyes to your business. Here are the 5 ways you can start using images on your business to build trust, create more affinity between you and your existing and potential customers and possibly convert more visitors into customers.

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