Welcome to my eyewear enthusiast website!

I am Amerigo. I am in my early 30s and I am from Milano, Italy. I have had an addiction to glasses for a very long time in my life and I have so many pairs you would think they are on sale in fact at times I have a spare pair in my bag as I wear another. My obsession has now transferred online where I write about eyewear.

Here is why I love writing about eyewear accessories. You see this is not just something I enjoy writing about but eyewear is like a way of life for me, I know a lot about it because a lot in my life revolves around eyewear and I have become an expert in this field and would love to share and connect with people who love glasses or just need pointers on how to shop for accessories.

I think my obsession with glasses started in High School when my aunt bought a pair of vogue sunglasses and I borrowed then just to run down to the grocery store but along the way I run into a friend of mine who told me how great they looked on me and it was a big deal that they were vogue sunglasses. The glasses made me feel so cool, smart and fashionable so I decided to save up for a pair and once I bought my first pair I just did not stop and kept on buying more.

Well I should also tell you that I was diagnosed with Myopia when I was preparing to join college and I had to wear glasses but I was not ready to look like a nerd so I made sure I found the most fashionable pair of eye glasses but I was never satisfied with just a pair and continued to research on the trends in eyewear and as other girls looked at fashion magazines, I looked for eyewear information.

How/Why did I start this blog?

Well I remember searching online for a pair of contact lenses and thinking it would be great if there was a website that had all the information I would like about contact lenses. It was then that I decided I should be the one to come up with such a blog for people who have a passion like mine. I started with just one article but the thoughts came racing after the first article and before I knew it I had all this information you see here on this blog.

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Thank you for visiting my blog and make sure you bookmark it so that you can find it easily and comeback for great information and articles about eyewear. You can also contact me if you have any questions, suggestions and improvements to the site.

Please remember that I am not a medical doctor so my advice is not a substitute for real medical advice.

Aidro is a website which gives advice to people who use prescription glasses and contact lenses. You can find information on how to choose frames according to your face type, where you can find glasses online and for how much, how to save money from buying from an online shop and how to take care your visual aid. I now live and work work at an optical shop in Nepezzano, Teramo, central east Italy.