How I Protected The Copyrights Of My E-Book About Zenni Optical

Zenni optical is a prescription Glasses Company located in the San Fransisco bay area. I am a freelance writer and have been doing the work for some time now; I recently wanted a new pair prescription glasses. A friend of mine recommend to me Zenni optical, Not only do they offer glasses but they also promise to make you look stylish while wearing them.

Therefore, I decided to search online about the company in order to carry out a market research on the same before I making an appointment. At the time it was a small company but the product they were offering really looked great. During a talk with the one of their customer relations people, it came out that I am a freelance writer. The problem, they told me is that they need to market their product and I they had what I was looking for.

How to get copyright protection

After agreeing on the terms of service, I agreed to write an eBook describing their impressive service so that they could reach more people. One of the challenges that many writers face, especially in this digital error is how to make sure their work is copyright protected and that they get the compensation they rightfully deserve. I decided to visit and check out how copyright laws work for digital products and how I could get the necessary legal protection I deserve.

I had heard numerous cases of people getting problems as far as handling of copyright laws is concerned. Of course, it is the desire of everyone that his or her work is used appropriately. In connection to this, the use of such a work should be used with authorized access. On the site, there are surprisingly a lot of quite helpful programs and courses augmented by video tutorials.

The first step to getting copyright protection is to know the laws of your jurisdiction. I contacted a lawyer and he gave me some very useful advice on where I stood. Seeking the opinion of a legal professional cannot be underestimated. In fact, it could be the difference between success or failure of a work of art.

As explained, it is of paramount importance that before uploading your file you must secure it. Securing your file keeps it safe from copy pasting. I was also advised to make sure that the work contained my full names and the correct date. In the future if a legal wrangle ever ensued, I could always have proof of ownership easily available for proper legal response. Failure to correctly label my work will translate to a very weak case on my side or no case at all.

If you suspect possible infringement of your work upon after publishing, do a simple internet search. The lawyer advised me to do a Google search as often as possible to find possible offenders. Always contact the domain administrator in order to make sure that you do not accuse others unfairly.

Sometimes back, a friend of mine had their site shutdown on suspicion of copyright infringement. However, the dispute was later resolved. I took a lot form this experience. If you come across glaring evidence of copyright infringement, immediately contact their webhosting service. Their site will automatically get shutdown. Generally, domain-hosting companies are weary of any potential lawsuits.

Always include a copyright notice. There is no requirement by any law, especially in the US or Britain that your work has this notice. However, including a notice of intent to sue upon infringement on your work might be a good idea that deters some would be thieves. If you still feel that these steps are not enough, then you need to step it up. There are softwares out there that can assist you to make it near impossible for infringement on your publications.


However, as of now, there is no method that has proved very successful. If a person is determined to plagiarize your work, they will eventually find a way. Even printed books have been scanned and shared willy-nilly on the internet. The point is, in the digital error, there are just too many tools that make it easy to infringe on authors. Implementing these few pointers can however help stop lazy thieves who will just move on to another book that does not require much effort.

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