How I Bought My Glasses From Zenni Optical And What Coupons I Used For Discount

Zenni Optical Discounts

Online shopping has become a trend nowadays. Shoppers are also not content with seasonal offers that happen only during big days. That explains why the demand for coupon codes is very popular. The other day I was looking for Zenni optical coupons and after a lengthy search, I came across

For the most affordable and reliable prescription glasses, visit You will find all types of sunglasses and eyeglasses. I particularly liked the Zenni Frame Fit program that allows shoppers to upload their photos and search for the best glasses in terms of size, style, color, and so on.

Although Zenni opticals products are already very affordable, it does not hurt to use the discount codes. I visited their coupon code page and was amazed by the 10% off coupon codes! This means that you can get a nice pair of eyeglasses for as little as $6.95. You can activate this deals by clicking on the discount links you will see there. is the best place for all types of sunglasses and eyeglasses, and the 10% off coupon code crowns it all.

Why Zenni

For us working professionals who also happen to wear prescription eyeglasses and sunglasses, it can be very difficult to find the time to visit a brick and mortar optician to get new glasses when they are needed. I always carry a spare with me for emergencies, but for those of us that do not prefer the option of contact lenses it is always good to have a few pairs of glasses lying around. Eyeglasses can also be a style statement, so I like to own several different styles and shapes that I wear according to my mood, the occasion and my outfit.

But cost is a factor that many people, including me, think about. I do not want to have to spend a hundred dollars for each frame, and that is where Zenni Optical comes in. These reputed California based opticians offer an online store where you can choose a frame and buy quite easily at such attractive prices that I purchased three on my first buy without a second thought. Here is a review of my experience shopping with Zenni Optical.

The Pros

What I loved about the website is that it carries a wide variety of frames such as aviators, cat-eye, wayfarer, browline and others in metal or plastic. The prices are incredible – I purchased three frames on my first buy for a total of less than $150 using a 15% off Zenni coupon I found online. Of course not all frames suit all faces, but the site takes care of that. It lets you upload your photo and virtually try out frames to see which suits you best. The variety of frames that you can compare is great, and it is easier to choose a frame at your leisure sitting on your couch than it is on a rushed visit to brick and mortal opticians. I bought a pair of prescription aviators for myself, sunshades for my wife and a pair with bifocals for my father this March. Prescriptions for my glasses and that of my father’s were accurate. The quality was decent (I made sure to choose acetate and metal frames), and I wouldn’t hesitate to purchase from the store again.

The Cons

The delivery of the frames took three weeks, which I thought was too long a wait. But the price definitely offset the long wait. At the same time the amazing prices can often color the reviews that you see online for Zenni Optical. Be sure to carefully check out the frame details – look for acetate frames to make sure that the frame you get will be of good quality. A friend I recommended the store to bought a “plastic” frame that turned out to be very flimsy, if “cute”.

The Verdict

Overall, I had a five star experience with Zenni Optical, but I would caution buyers from getting carried away by the low prices and to check reviews and frame details carefully before purchase. Quality can be hit and miss if you’re hasty about your purchase, but I will be buying again from Zenni Optical online.

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