Mobile Antivirus Software Sold Most Through Coupon Sites in 2016

Nowadays cyber crime is on the increase and it affects numerous devices worldwide. Internet protection for companies, organizations, and even for families is a costly and ongoing service. With 5 devices on average per household, internet security has become a cost to be taken seriously. The majority of the software manufacturers now give discount coupons to be used optionally at checkout for a discount. Deals sites like Qetes Reviews And Coupons offer deals and promo codes for all major antivirus software.

At the same time the worldknown retailer, Amazon, reported over 100% growth in 2016 of mobile software. Protection for Android devices leads the list. The company recorded in a statement that smartphones, laptops, PCs and tablets sold out tremendously. Also, as the use of the internet was on the rise and Indian clients bought different types of software products online at a high rate to offer protection to their electronic gadgets.

The most selected items all over the country were antivirus protection kits. What sold out most was Android security software by famous brands, for example, Symantec’s Norton, AVG and Bit Defender. This falls under the category of mobile software. Software meant to be used by one consumer only grew by 80%; the demand reached its maximum. On the other hand, products such as antivirus, internet security, and products mainly made for office use witnessed a growth of 85% and above over the past one year; the company reported this. The leading brands that totally sold out under this category of non- educational software were Kaspersky, Bull Guard, McAfee, Norton, K7, and Microsoft. Microsoft saw over 75% growth and sold extremely well during Diwali.

Demand for non-educational software was on the rise in tier II as well as tier III cities. The demand was significantly high in Ahmedabad and Chandigarh, and as a result, they topped the charts again. The multi-device software was not left behind; it had grown over 2.5 times in last year.

Amazon noted that customers had become aware of various types of software brands for sale in the market and were very careful not to purchase pirated software. Mumbai was in the lead for purchasing mobile software, Bengaluru and Delhi followed closely. The demand for mobile software items in tier II and tier III cities was almost the same. However, demand was high in Ahmedabad and Chandigarh. Also, Bhopal is a new market that has emerged.

Symantec to Buy Identity Theft Protection Company LifeLock

Symantec Corp., a leading cyber security company in world acquired LifeLock Inc. for a whopping $2.3 billion price. LifeLock’s market shares have risen 45% on Friday, making it a market worth of about $1.95 billion. But after Symantec Corp. offered price, current market standing of LifeLock’s share is $24 apiece, which is 16% more than Friday’s closing price.

LifeLock Inc. was pursued by many big bidders including Permira, Elliott Management, TPG and Evergreen Coast Capital but the maker of Norton antivirus software, Symantec, who is restructuring its business model heavily toward cyber security, sealed the deal. As per Greg Clark, Symantec’s Chief Executive Officer “This acquisition will bring revolutionary changes in consumer security industry including malware protection to the digital safety for consumers. Cyber security has become so critical to have and it’s valuations only going to drive higher so with the combination of LifeLock and Norton, Symantec will be able to deliver extensive cyber defense for our consumers.”

According to its website, LifeLock has been providing a range of cyber defense services including identity-theft protection for small businesses and consumers, credit monitoring and alerts. For more information check the homepage.

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