Top 3 Photo Organizing Applications for Picasa Users

The popularity of photo sharing and web albums has taken over the internet. You can hardly find anybody who has been online for some time and never shared a photo; most people have created and shared web albums off their best moments like wedding ceremonies, professional events or family camping. People are and will always be thrilled at the sight of enticing photographs of their interest, period! Haven’t thought of it that way? Go ahead, take a look at Pinterest. Like what you see; the pins, repins and hundreds of comments on interesting photos? Why do you think facebook spent up to a $1 billion dollars on Instagram, and the Big Google is there with Picasa? They are all trying to accomplish one thing; to help me and you make the best use of photos, to edit photos to our taste, share them with friends, colleague and family and to easily curate web albums with them either to tell a story or to perverse a memory in orderly manner. Each of these online photo sharing platforms has users in millions, with Picasa offering an exceptional set of photo editing and sharing tools and options.

Picasa is an image Organizer and viewer that comes with a set of top-notch photo editing tools and a photo sharing website. It features file importing and tracking tools, tags, facial recognition, and a couple of others. If you use Picasa, here are the top 3 photo organizing applications that must be in your arsenal.

Web Albums for Picasa

Web Albums is a top notch Picasa viewer, uploader and manager created by Pixite. It comes with a simple set-up system, a UI that easily connects with users and perfect social media integration.

Basic Features

An easy to use user interface – Web Albums allows users unlimited access to their photos and play slideshows and videos. Photos are arranged into albums from where they can be easily accessed, edited and shared.

Easy photo sharing options – users can share their photos on facebook, share them via email messages and view and comment on photos from family and friends. It also offers two different security levels; making an album public or private (unlisted). If you want to share any of your photos or albums in your blog, Picasa Web Albums gives you a unique html code you can use to embed the desired media.

Batch-upload – you can batch upload photos from your library with the ability to resize them before uploading. Your upload operation runs on the background so it doesn’t interfere with other activities going on in your device. Upload, manage and share videos. You get 1 gig storage space with Picasa Web Albums with the option to get 6 gig at $25 per year upgrade.

Top notch photo editing tools and managing features – you can add captions, edit captions, move photos between albums and delete albums.

User’s Feedback

Picasa Web Album has a huge customer database with hundreds of thousands of satisfied users who recommend it as the best in the market. Many users love the fact that they can easily transfer photos and videos from their iOS device to their home PC – it works perfectly well with tablets, iPad and iPhones. Users see Picasa Web Albums as a great tool, with exceptional photo editing and sharing features, in a great price.


  • Works with almost all iOS devices including iPad, iPhone and tablet
  • Users can conduct batch media uploads with as much as 1 gig free storage space
  • User-friendly interface, unlimited access to photos and the ability to view photos in slideshows
  • Users can add captions and geo-tag their uploads with the ability to control their privacy


  • Picasa Web Album offers 6 gig storage space at $25 which is a bit expansive compared to flickr which offers unlimited space at the same price


Picasa Tool Pro

Picasa Tool Pro is an app for Picasa designed to allow Picasa users easy access to their photos. With the app, users can add, edit and share their Picasa photos and media from within the app.

Basic Features

Top notch editing tools – Picasa Tool Pro allows users to add effects, redeye, adjust contrasts and to draw. You can also resize photos and customize them to your taste before uploading.

User-friendly interface – users can display all Picasa official featured photos as thumbnails. Additionally, you can view or add comments, save photos to your library or set as the wall paper on your device. You can easily search Picasa public photos and save your queries. Make friends on Picasa, follow your friends and get their latest uploaded photos on your device.

Reliable photo and video uploader – is your shots or video clips saved in your sdcard? You can easily upload them, in batch, to your Picasa account right from within a single app. The tools even provides filter functions while helping you keep a record of the photos you have uploaded so you don’t make a repeat upload.

User’s Feedback

Many people have tested and confirmed the usefulness of Picasa Tool Pro. It is one of the best apps that offer Picasa users an enhanced Picasa experience. And to top it all, it’s FREE. Users specifically loved that it supports offline web album, screen pattern lock, slideshows, and multiple Google accounts. They can also search featured and public photos and share the results or use them on their device. In the words of one of the users, this app will allow you to manage your Google photos in a stress-free way.


  • It comes with an enticing user interface that presents all the tools and features in an easy-to-find manner
  • Supports multiple Google accounts and allows users unlimited access to their web albums even while offline using the caches
  • Allows users to conduct batch uploads and view photos in slideshows
  • Resize and edit your photos before upload
  • Picasa Tool Pro is FREE


  • Photos can only be uploaded from the device’s sdcard; either the app can’t see the internal memory or doesn’t support it


PicFolio for Picasa

If you use Android, Amazon Kindle Fire or the Nook, and you use Picasa, then you need PicFolio for Picasa, period. This is the app you need for enhanced Picasa experience both online and offline.

Basic Features

Excellent photo viewing – PicFolio is unmatched in offline viewing experience. It auto downloads your photos in your device while it charges so you could have unlimited offline viewing. You can also search photos on your account, featured photos or public photos and view and add comments within the app.

Great for presentation – your download are auto-optimized to conform to a perfect resolution and size with your device, tablet. It is therefore perfect for making presentations to your clients or family members.

Supports batch uploads – you can upload your photos in batches and in the background so it doesn’t interfere with any other operation you might be using your phone for.

Top-notch photo editing tools – users can edit their photos to customize them, add tags, crop, delete photos and move photos between albums.

Integration with social media – PicFolio allows users to share their photos via email, facebook, twitter and by sending url of photos.

User’s Feedback

PicFolio is rated as one of the best apps that make it easier and fun to use Picasa. It received an average of 5 star ratings on independent app review sites. Most users commend its ease of use, friendly user-interface, geo-location features, exceptional offline view and top-notch presentation features. PicFolio allows you to do everything you can do on the Picasa website with your PC right from within any mobile device that runs on Android 1.6+.


  • Take your photos with you and view or present them at will
  • Filter and find photos using tags, and change storage destinations
  • Manage your photos to your taste, conduct batch uploads and share photos on social media
  • Access to top-notch photo editing tools, read only mode turns off photo destructive actions like delete


  • Some users on Amazon Kindle Fire complained that the app couldn’t upload all their photos


So here you have them, the features I could identify with the best 3 apps for Picasa. If you are a Picasa fan using Android, iOS, Kindle Fire or Nook, make a choice between these top 3 photo organizing applications and get an enhanced Picasa experience.

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